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It is always interesting to delve into the knowledge of the company, which we all love to use as our daily convenience, in the shape of cutting-edge televisions, refrigerators or, our favorite, mobile phones.

 ‘Samsung’ or in Korean as they say ‘three stars’ is the name chosen by the founder of Samsung, Lee Byung Chull, who had a vision of this company as the everlasting and powerful stars in the sky. It seems like Samsung ideally delivered Lee Byung’s dream, didn’t it?

However, the process that went into the globally recognized company’s establishment was not an easy one. Would you believe it, if I told you, that Samsung first started as a grocery store, back in 1938, incredible right! Slowly but steadily, it expanded into the Textile industry to support its country after the Korean War. But it was the year 1969 when Samsung first stepped into the electronics industry, with its first invention being the Black and White televisions.

As time passed on, and Samsung achieved further accomplishments, it has enabled it to spread its satisfying technological creations in over 74 countries!

What is Samsung Known For?

In general, Samsung is highly known for its involvement in diversified criteria such as consumer and industrial appliances, memory chips, and many more. 

However, if we target the prospect of Samsung’s mobile phones, then many features can, with the support of common belief of consumers, title it to have the best smartphones in Pakistan

This is possible with its common feature of App Pair, which allows the user to operate two apps at once, which enables flexible multitasking. In addition, Samsung adopts the use of Google Play Store which opens access to unlimited apps which it has been able to reach beyond the current capacity of the world’s second-leading App Store, Apple. Moreover, the long life of the battery has always been a top favorite element of Samsung phones which has now alleviated with the super-fast charging adapters and the ability to share power with the people around you! Yes, this is now possible with a feature of Wireless Powershare which enables the user to lend their battery to a coworker, friend, or family. However, this feature is available on limited devices. And lastly, security is the top priority of Samsung for its users, which it can fulfill with their Knox hardware and software that is capable of preventing all cyberthreats.  Moreover, their enhanced biometric system is effective and efficient in quick recognition of the true owner of the phone.

Diversity of Phones

Samsung is widely recognized for creating high variations in Samsung series phones for a large variety of customers, all the way from mid-range priced phone users to the ones who prefer the premium phones for their daily usage.

Samsung Series Phones

Mid-range Phones

    1. Samsung A03s

With a price as low as 19,000 rupees, this phone is a beast with a 5000 mAh battery which is large enough to last the consumers all day, along with the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass that well known for thoroughly supporting the longevity of the phone’s screen. 

Moreover, this phone packs the space of 32 GB Ram and 3GB Rom which allows the consumer to download a large number of apps and data easily. 

All in all, it’s one of the many budget-friendly phones that allows consumers with minimum budgets to enjoy the a good quality experience.

    1. Samsung A52

This phone has been titled as the best mid-range phone of 2021, which is rightfully so, because of its availability of all features like good battery, catchy camera lens, large storage space and esthetically pleasing colors which has made it a consumer’s favorite. Starting at 65,000 rupees which is currently available at a limited discount of 61,499 rupees at   which is an undeniably irresistible offer for all A52 fans.

Latest Samsung Mobile in Pakistan

Amongst the many releases of Samsung’s phones, the ones that have taken the market of Pakistan by storm are as follows:

    1. Galaxy Z Fold 3
    2. Galaxy Z Flip 3
    3. Galaxy S21 and S21 Plus