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Apple, which is a multinational company that is known for providing aesthetically , and functionally pleasing smartphones, personal computers and highly efficient tablets has an interesting past that is sure to surprise a lot of you.

It all started, with the extraordinary vision of a Harvard dropout, or in other words, Steve Jobs, who collaborated with Steve Wozniak to create a very innovative computer back in 1976 which was clearly ahead of the time.  This incredible creation allowed their careers to jumpstart, which allowed them to give their success a physical existence in the form of their company, Apple.

However, the title ‘Apple’ for their company was brainstormed by Steve Jobs who derived this name from his love towards apples! Who knew? He believed this name is going to give an outlook of being fun-spirited and less intimidating, which worked great in his favor to showcase a friendly and inviting image to his future users.

What is it Known For?

Apple is given various titles such as the most valuable company or the most innovative one. These honorable titles are given to Apple by their constant creative designs and features in their iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac computers.

However, Apple phones in specifically, are always ensured by the company to be created in such a way that will allow consumers to access high technological experience with relative ease and flexibility. 

In addition, there are certain features that only Apple possesses that give it a competitive advantage over all the other android phones. Air Pods, to begin with, are the first creation that allowed users to enjoy music and voice calls experiences without the hassle of handling the troublesome wires of the earphones. The connectivity of Air Pods is truly remarkable as it can support sound up to long distances in comparison to its competitors, such as Pixel buds, etc.

Moreover, Apple, hands down, has one of the best backup methods with its usage of iCloud. iCloud is very efficient in terms of storing and securing the data which makes it incredible in scenarios of protection of the data in lost phones or in the process of up-gradation to another apple phone. 

These reasons amongst many others are always successful in capturing the attention of customers worldwide, making Apple one of the most successful companies.


Price is a factor that may seem daunting to a lot of users in terms of purchasing Apple phones, as they tend to have prices that fit the need to enhance one’s lifestyle. But, despite that, Apple phones, the iPhones are also available at a range of prices.

iPhone Prices in Pakistan has a large range of iPhones available for users who prefer the dated mid-ranged phones to the latest and premium versions.

    1. iPhone 11
    2. iPhone 11 Pro Max

However, also provides the latest iPhones that are running out of stock at a fast pace due to their incredible features and catchy looks.

The New iPhone Prices are:

    1. iPhone 13

This phone starts at the price of 246,999 rupees, with great features like built-in 128/256 GB and 6/8 RAM which will allow its users to store a large number of apps and personal data with ease. Moreover, it also possesses high-quality cameras that also provide a cinematic mode which allows users to take professional videos and photos with bearing the expense of a professional camera. Along with many other features, it’s an iPhone worth purchasing.

    1. iPhone 13 Pro Max 

This phone starts at the price of 297,999 rupees, with interesting qualities like protection Gorilla Glass Protection, and also has a battery that can last longer than any of its predecessors along with a 20W charger that is certified to give full charging within 30 minutes. And lastly, with colorful options, such as Graphite, Gold, and Sierra Blue with similar features to the iPhone 13, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is definitely worth buying.