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Every company starts from the bottom and then works towards the sky limit, but you knew that isn’t it? That is because we know, that this is the generic process that every multinational once followed to reach its current status. 

So, what If I told you Xiaomi’s name represents this process, as its meaning is millet and rice. This is a concept that is originated from the Buddhists, who believe that it Is essential to start working hard from the beginning that will then allow you to enjoy the fruits of something big. Seems like Xiaomi fulfilled this concept, didn’t it?

But in more practical terms, Xiaomi first stepped into the consumer electronics and smartphone manufacturing industry in 2010. And since then, Xiaomi has only grown further and has adopted the vision of “Make friends with users and be the coolest company in user’s hearts”. Xiaomi has been able to achieve this motto with their continuous innovations and operational efficiency that has allowed them to give their users a consistently high quality.

By their continuous efforts to stay consistent with consumers’ demand, and by building close relations with them, Xiaomi has been able to earn the title of the world’s second-largest phone manufacturer in 2021. Pretty impressive, right?

What is Xiaomi Known For?

Xiaomi is known for many things, because it is involved in such diverse markets, such as mobile phones, tablets, wireless earphones, and power banks. However, Xiaomi also deals in the automobile industry by their production of Mi Electric Scooter and is also involved in Safety and Security industry by their continuous production of home security cameras.

But, if we only target Xiaomi’s mobiles, for now, many features make them stand out against their competitors. Gorilla Glass, for instance, is a certain feature that is mostly included by competitors in their highly-priced phones. However, Xiaomi provides the protection Gorilla Glass even in their lower-end phones so they could remain resistant to any falls amicably. Moreover, Xiaomi is known for having a relatively small profit margin on their comprehensive hardware, which is as low as 5%. This allows Xiaomi to set prices that are affordable by the consumers on budget as well.

In addition, Xiaomi also comes with the infrared remote-control function that allows users to use their respective phones for various reasons, such as television remote control, and can also control the temperatures of the air conditioners effectively.


Xiaomi produces phones that are both accessible to users with a budget up to the ones that prefer the premium phones to suit their style. This distinction is usually recognized by Xiaomi’s division of Mi and Redmi. This means Mi phones tend to be high priced with larger specs and premium finishes. However, Redmi is just as good, but with an exception of comparative lower prices.

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Pakistan

Redmi New Mobiles

    1. Redmi Note 10 Pro

This phone is price begins from 46,799 rupees. This phone’s main selling point along with many other features is its large battery. This phone proud fully holds a 5050mAh battery along with more than sufficient storage that is up to 128GB built-in with 6GB RAM.  Moreover, it also has a super AMOLED display that is surely going to provide high-quality cinematic videos effectively. And lastly, combined with its good camera set up this phone Is definite must have!

MI New Mobiles

    1. Mi 10

This phone comes at a staggering price of 149,999 rupees. This phone comes with the support of 5G is surely going to provide a rich speed of internet browsing and better overall connectivity. Moreover, Xiaomi has focused on all of their previous battery issues with this model by ensuring that its battery of 4870mAh can last quite a long time. They also provide a fast 30W charger that is comparatively much faster than the competitor's standard 25W chargers, which allows users to get a full battery within an hour.

Along with impressive camera features and software enhancement, this phone never remains in stock for long!